Teltonika Truphone Io3 SIM card 400MB 5 year prepaid
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Teltonika Truphone Io3 SIM card 400MB 5 year prepaid (trusimcard1)

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Zīmols: Teltonika
Modelis: trusimcard1
EAN/UPC: 0708747437218
ar PVN (21%)
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Noliktavā - 48 gab
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400 MB within 5 years by Teltonika

The SIM comes pre-activated with 400 Mbyte of IoT (Internet Of Things) / M2M (machine to machine) data connectivity to be consumed within 5 years, renewable at the same conditions.

The SIM comes ready to use and can be monitored and managed through the Io3 SIM Management Platform (also known as IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), IoT Management Platform or Io3 dashboard). View demo account

The Io3 connectivity advantage:

  • Comprehensive and robust coverage with multiple network operators servicing each region.
  • Access to all network types on demand: 2G, 3G, 4G & LPWAN. 
  • Premium customer streaming experience with local, high-speed breakouts to reduce latency.
  • Enhanced bottom line with both high and low-usage plans, close-to-local rates, and flexible billing options.

What's included?

  • 400 MB of data within 5 years per SIM
  • coverage: EU + CH + NO + RU + TR + UA
  • all formats in one package:
    • 1FF ( ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1, also referred to as credit card size),
    • 2FF (also referred to as: mini SIM)
    • 3FF (also referred to as: micro SIM)
    • 4FF (also referred to as: nano SIM)
  • pre-activated
  • free technical support: =
  • renewable at the same conditions
  • SMS available upon request

Technical features

  • Minimum billed data packet: 1 kbyte
  • Session set-up: free
  • Idle session time out: 7 days
  • Plan optimised for Teltonika FM vehicle tracking devices.
  • Verified, validated and approved by Teltonika on Teltonika FM devices.
  • Compatible with every cellular device, software platform and network topology.

The vast majority of professional Teltonika customers consumes between 3 to 6 megabyte/month (i.e. 180 to 360 MB in 5 years) per correctly configured Teltonika FM device.


The SIM comes pre-activated and ready to go. Simply install it into a device and then manage connectivity via the Truphone Io3 dashboard.

Identyty check

Mirifica shall verify identity of SIM customers:

  • enterprises: billing and shipping details shall match business registration data;
  • consumers: identity card, billing and shipping details shall be consistent with a current bank statement or utility bill.

1. One-click deployment

Automatically deploy and device across every network worldwide, at the simple push of a button. It's never been that easy.


2. Single-point management

All your devices are monitored and managed from one single point, making them easier to upgrade, restore and support.


3. Easy, predictable pricing

Payment plans are tailored to you and offer a range of options based on location and data requirements.


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Teltonika Truphone Io3 SIM card 400MB 5 year prepaid (trusimcard1)
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