Symmetrical Horn Sector Antenna HG3-TP-S90
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RF Elements Symmetrical Horn Sector Antenna HG3-TP-S90

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Modelis: HG3-TP-S90
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90° Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas Gen2

Game Changing Sector Antenna

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas are scalar horn antennas with a symmetrical beam radiation pattern and game-changing TwistPortTM (TP) connector. Deployed in field since 2014, they solve major weak points of mainstream sector antenna technologies and provide excellent noise rejection, network scalability and throughput increase.

Approved by tens of thousands installations all around the globe, RF elements Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas are the new standard for fast and sustainable wireless.

Unique Beam Performance

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas have a unique beam shape and characteristics. The beam section is circular: azimuth and elevation radiation angles are identical.
No Side Lobes

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas have no side lobes, they literally focus energy into one main signal beam. Such behavior saves the most important resource in wireless - the spectrum. Thanks to these unique radiating properties, the radio collects and propagates significantly less noise in comparison to current mainstream sector antennas. The problem of noise is directly connected to antenna side lobes - basically an unavoidable feature in most competitive products. Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas behave differently, being basically "deaf" outside their main beam.
Wideband Performance

The beam pattern does not vary with frequency and the antenna gain is balanced over a very wide frequency range. These features make Symmetrical Horns TP antennas excellent sector antennas.
Excellent Gain Across Spectrum

Symmetrical Horn TP Gen2 Antennas cover an ultra-wideband spectrum: 5180-6400 MHz!
Coverage Without Null

Mainstream sector antennas have a radiation pattern that is very wide in azimuth cut but very flat in elevation cut. If an AP is too high, the customers that are too close will suffer from low AP signal.
Co-Location Miracle

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas have naturally attenuated side lobes and extremely low back radiation. Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas are perfect for high density cluster sector installations with high co-location requirements.

Wide selection of beam angles allows for a wide range of deployment scenarios, covering high distance sectors as well as MicroPoPs.

Breakthrough Scalability

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas offer breakthrough scalability of wireless systems. Unique beam performance and great co-location characteristics allow for a higher density of sectors than a traditional sector technology.

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas come with precise radiation angles, ranging from 30 to 90 degrees: a wide range of models suitable for any situation.

Ultimate Spectrum Efficiency For Everyone

Symmetrical Horn TP antennas allow for a very dense co-location of very narrow sectors with excellent isolation. They unlock the RF performance that was simply not possible before. This benefit is available independently of radio platforms, 
TwistPortTM Connector

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas feature our industry-changing TwistPortTM connector, a patent-pending quick-locking waveguide port. TwistPortTM is virtually lossless: with radios built according to our Reference design, there are no coaxial RF connectors or RF cables that cause signal loss. Connecting radios is brilliantly simple - “twist and lock” - all done with one hand!

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our wide range of TwistPortTM Adaptors allows you to connect most popular connectorized radios from other vendors, such as UBNTTM, MimosaTM, MikroTikTM or Cambium NetworksTM, directly to any TwistPortTM-enabled antenna.
Compact Size

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas are very compact, with only 20-25% footprint of traditional sector antennas. This compact size saves tower rental fees, and makes it possible to install Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas in places where regular sectors would not be allowed due to their shape and size.
Easy Installation

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas come pre-assembled from the factory and ready for immediate deployment. The installation is very easy and requires only a single tool.
Robust and Durable

Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas are solid aluminium bodies that are built to last and to resist any weather conditions. We use only the best materials: die cast, stamped and extruded aluminium; high quality ABS plastic, high density polyethylene; and stainless steel hardware.
Unique Bracket Features

New improved bracket allows for easy left or right side of the pole installation. No need to reverse radome as with Gen1. For comfortable and secure installation on thinner tubes just reverse the bracket clamp.
HG3-TP-S90 aizvieto sekojošas iekārtas kas noņemtas no ražošanas: Symmetrical Horn SH-TP-5-90.
Frekvences diapazons 5180 - 6400 MHz
Pastiprinājums 9.6 dBi
Barošanas metode 38490
Temperatūra pārbaudīta -30°C to 55°C
Antenas staru kūļa platums Azimuth Beam Width -3 dB: H 67° / V 67°
Elevation Beam Width -3 dB: H 67° / V 67°
Azimuth Beam Width -6 dB: H 90° / V 90°
Elevation Beam Width -6 dB H 90° / V 90°
Tehniskās specifikācijas / Datu lapa - Symmetrical Horn Sector Antenna HG3-TP-S90 Lietotāja instrukcija - Symmetrical Horn Sector Antenna HG3-TP-S90
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RF Elements Symmetrical Horn Sector Antenna HG3-TP-S90
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